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Certified offers a wide range of adhesive to make sure we can meet your needs. We carry multiple manufactures that provide services for hardwood, carpet tiles, LVT, vinyl sheet goods and carpeting. There are many types of adhesive that are recommended for different types of flooring, although some multi-purpose solutions can be used effectively with multiple materials. Our lineup of adhesive consists of Bona, which is strictly for hardwood.  The newest addition to our company is Taylor which has a variety of adhesives that will provide great service.

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Manufacturers We Represent

Bona R851 product img

Bona R851

Bona R851 is a single component, water and solvent free, silane based adhesive for wood floors. This adhesive provides a phenomenal adhesion to many different surfaces. Visit Website »


Bona R850T product img

Bona R850T

The Bona R850T is a very thick adhesive made for the gun application. This adhesive has a very solid texture and can be used on almost all sub floors. Visit Website »


Bona R850T product img


Taylor carries many different adhesives to make sure they can provide the best service. Visit Website »



DYNAMIC with ColorReady is an industry-leading Transitional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive designed to meet the need for a multi-functional flooring adhesive. ColorReady technology is a visual indicator that helps to easily identify when to install your flooring. This solvent-free, easy troweling product provides greater flexibility for installations using multiple flooring materials. It can be used to install luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), fiberglass backed sheet and sheet vinyl flooring, VCT and carpet tile.

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Agile is a fast tacking, solvent free, premium adhesive for the interior installation of both direct glue down and double stick carpet installations. This adhesive has been specially designed to provide quick grab with fast wet suction and holding power for bonding the most difficult to install carpet backings.

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Ridgeline is a Next Generation adhesive formulated for use in the installation of all engineered, solid, bamboo, cork and parquet flooring recommended for glue-down installation. Ridgeline effectively reduces moisture vapor transmission from concrete subfloors, protecting wood flooring from damage.

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When it comes to finding an all-around, premium wood flooring adhesive, Ironwood nails it. Ironwood is ideal for all engineered, solid, bamboo, cork and parquet flooring recommended for glue-down installation.

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We carry the Tec/Chapco adhesive line of products along with seam sealers and maintenance products needed to turn key any of your vinyl jobs. Learn More »

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